Gallery & Studio Shots

Video by David Thompson

2021 Nonspecific show installation, Gertrude Herbert, Augusta GA.
Photo by Megan Parkman
Zoom art classes
Zoom classes set up
3 large drawings
Mixed media drawing series in progress 2018
studio 2
Framing and finishing touches. Working on a wax mask, 2018
Studio 1
Framing and finishing touches. Large drawings ready to go, 2018
Studio shot by Megan Parkman.  Interview for Local Artists Spotlight. 2020
Working on Grenadine Stacking, 2020
Organized chaos
Be Careful of the Ants Solo Show, 2018
Studio big nude
One of the many incarnations of this painting, 2016
Samsara  gallery shot,  SC, 2017
Be Careful of the Ants show, 2020
Be Careful of the Ants show, 2020
Gallery shot Disraeli Dixie  4″ X 6″ each panel, oil with gold and sliver leaf on panel: POR, 2016
Instillation of show with the help from Max, 2014